When reaching out to your sphere of influence, which types of communication are best?

Actually, it very much depends on what your relationship is with any given individual. It’s important to realize that a sphere of influence is not a homogenous group—it’s a collection of individuals. 

My own sphere of influence is quite large, and of all the people within it, the most meaningful individuals are those who have previously used me as their Realtor. Whether it’s sending a postcard, holding a giveaway, hosting a contest, or even just sending an email, engaging with these individuals ensures that my team and I stay relevant in these individuals’ minds. We want them to remember our quality service the next time they, or someone they know, have a real estate need.

“Every client is the hero of their own real estate story.”

We consider ourselves a service company—not a sales company. It really comes down to the fact that we listen. Every client is the hero of their own real estate story, and Realtors are their guides. Serving individuals within a sphere of influence means realizing that every single person will have different needs which must be met in a different way. 

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