Today we’ll be talking about keeping a thriving farm, but it may not be the type of farm you’re thinking about. 

Clear your mind from thoughts of rolling pastures, machinery, and crops—we’re talking about the farm made up by your clients, friends, family and more. Your farm can be one or more geographic locations, such as your home, neighborhood, where you work, or basically wherever you choose. You can start small and grow your farm by adding sections over time. But like any farm, it needs to be cultivated.

“Cultivate your farm by reaching out and demonstrating your value to its members.”

To cultivate your farm, you send people in it things of value and let them know you’re the person who tends it. Personally, I send them postcards three times a year, and each one varies from small to enormously large. The postcards almost always offer something—mine invite people to attend events, such as movie nights and neighborhood association meetings. I make sure these offers hold something of value. I make sure to go to the events of people in my farm and again offer my value (they definitely appreciate my husband’s smoked ribs).

You can make phone calls or send emails, but remember to try including something valuable to your farm. You can let them know what’s going on in the housing market, how things you’ve seen may affect them, and so on. 

Cultivate your farm by reaching out and demonstrating your value to its members. Let them know you’re the one who is the one taking care of them. If you have any questions for me, call me at (405)-722-3232 or email me at